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Local News

Independent Nhulunbuy MP Mark Guyula says he won’t represent electorate

INDEPENDENT Nhulunbuy MLA Yingiya Mark Guyula rejected the Labor Government’s bail amendments, saying he’s not in Parliament as a representative of his electorate but rather a “member from the Yolngu Nations Assembly”. “While I understand the perspective of other members who will support this bill, I do not support it, because, once again, I fear […]

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Arnhem Land

Aboriginal people won’t benefit from NT space base claims missing MP

A port launching rockets into space from North-East Arnhem Land won’t benefit Aboriginal people and the Northern Territory Government is only promoting the project in its own interest, says a local independent politician. Canberra-based commercial venture Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) has signed a sub-lease with the Aboriginal Gumatj Corporation to build Australia’s first commercial rocket launching […]

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Kaya Mununggurr one of the Territory’s best football talents

Kaya Mununggurr is taking the AFL world by storm. The Yirrkala teenager has starred in the double blue guernsey of the Darwin Buffaloes this NTFL season following a whirlwind six months. Mununggurr, 15, captained Djarrak’s women’s side to premiership glory in August, quickly catching the attention of the Geelong Football Club through the AFL Next […]

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Not the News

Office staff terrified after dyslexic co-worker organises Secret Satan

A group of office workers have succumbed to the nameless dread of the damned today after their dyslexic co-worker inadvertently organised a Secret Satan event for Christmas. The annual event, which, is intended to be ‘a bit of a laugh’ and help staff bond over a few cheap mystery gifts with the possible opportunity for harmless […]

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World News

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Food & Drink

Georgias Addictive Cousin to Pizza

Khachapuri, a gooey, addictive, cheese-stuffed flatbread, is ubiquitous in Georgia, the Caucasian country that shares borders with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey. Except for when there’s a funeral. In Georgia, one is never further than a ball-of-dough’s throw from khachapuri. Everything from corner bakeries to upscale restaurants serve the snack. And while certain versions of […]

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Letters to the Editor

Affordable housing key to post-curtailment Nhulunbuy

The availability of affordable housing is absolutely critical to Gove’s successful transition from a cashed-up mining town to a tourism-based region populated by more realistically salaried families.

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Urbanites ‘rip off bush indigenous people’

Desperately needed GST money is being ripped from remote Aboriginal communities as more urbanites self-identify as indigenous, the Yothu Yindi Foundation says. A boom in urbanites identifying as indigenous is taking much needed GST money from marginalised communities in the bush, a Northern Territory Aboriginal body has said. The Yothu Yindi Foundation has told the […]

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Sounds of Silence IV

by Majik The sound of music can have a beneficial effect as discussed previously in Sound of Silence II. It is suggested by Joachim Ernst-Berendt and others that modern tuning methods ‘twelve-tone equal temperament’  adopted by western cultures from about the 16th century mistunes all consonant intervals except the octave. This it is suggested leads […]

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