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Local News

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WBO Confirms Jeff Horn DID Win Fight Against Pacquiao After All

Aussie boxer Jeff Horn has been confirmed — for the second time — as the winner of his blockbuster bout with champion Manny Pacquiao, after the World Boxing Organisation re-scored their welterweight title fight amidst a storm of controversy and complaint about the result.

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Effectiveness of the Governance of the Northern Land Council

Rirratjingu Aboriginal Corporation Chairman Bakamumu Marika and Senior Rirratjingu Traditional Owners met with the Prime Minister in East Arnhem Land, in September 2014, to request a comprehensive review of the operations of the Northern Land Council, which is a Commonwealth Statutory Authority. The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) has released a report from an investigation into […]

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Nhulunbuy NAIDOC Day!

Nhulunbuy NAIDOC Day, Yolŋu Bapurru-wu on the 8th July at Hindle Oval from midday until a bit after sunset.

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Aboriginal child protection laws being ‘broken’

Aboriginal child protection laws being ‘broken’ by NT Government: Member for Nhulunbuy By Sara Everingham The Northern Territory Government is failing to follow its own child protection laws that recommend Indigenous children be placed within their families and communities as a priority, the Independent Member for Nhulunbuy says. Yingiya Mark Guyula used the anniversary of […]

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Member for Nhulunbuy

Question Time: Cost of Living

Mr GUYULA to CHIEF MINISTER Chief Minister, your government over the last few days has spoken about lowering the cost of living for people in Darwin. Even though Nhulunbuy is a private town the people who live there are part of the Northern Territory and pay tax. Could you advise how the government is looking […]

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Food & Drink

Here are Australia’s top five burgers, according to chef Miguel Maestre

AUSTRALIA’S burger obsession is showing no signs of slowing. Aussie burgers have evolved from the days of canned pineapple and beetroot to a more sophisticated burger. Coming up on The Living Room on Channel Ten today is the annual ‘Hot List’ episode. In this episode, Miguel Maestre scours the country to track down his top five burgers in […]

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World News

Massive US/Aus field warfare exercise begins in Queensland

AS North Korea threatens us and our allies with a developing nuclear capacity, more than 30,000 Australian and American military personnel are giving a well-drilled response. Today, some 10,000 soldiers are defending Stanage Bay, north of Rockhampton. It was the largest beach landing by Australian troops since WWII and will be followed by 10 days […]

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Fluoridation myths and why they’re wrong

Evidence gathered over 60 years about adding fluoride to drinking water has failed to convince some people this major public health initiative is not only safe but helps to prevent tooth decay. Myths about fluoridated water persist. These include fluoride isn’t natural, adding it to our water supplies doesn’t prevent tooth decay and it causes […]

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Not the News

ISIS claim responsibility for letting the dogs out

Crazed cave-dwellers ISIS have finally owned up to being the group who let the dogs out in 2000. Back at the turn of the millennium, when the party was nice and bumping and everyone was having a ball, the arrival of some unsavoury characters, or ‘dogs’ as they were colloquially known, ruined the party for […]

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