Cyclones didn’t stop Nhulunbuy riders competing at Australian BMX titles

Cyclone Marcus’ wrath was felt far and wide across the Territory but it did not stop a group of talented Territory riders recently competing at the Australian titles in Bunbury, Western Australia.

“We had a group of riders due to fly out of Nhulunbuy on Saturday 17 March, but Cyclone Marcus forced the cancellation of all flights out that day and it meant that our riders didn’t think they’d make it to the titles in time to compete,” Club President, Paul Mery said last week.

However, Marcus did not stand in their way and the group arrived in the early hours of Monday morning to join the team of 29 Territory competitors who raced at the events.

BMXNT Chair, Kylee Carter, said four Territory BMX clubs had riders at the event including Nhulunbuy (6 riders), Jingili (Darwin) – 15 riders, Satellite City (Palmerston) – 6 riders and Red Centre (Alice Springs) had 2.

“We had 12 female riders and 17 male riders competing in categories from ‘Sprockets’ (5-7 year olds) to riders in the 50 years plus class,” she said.

“Competing at the National Championship is a big deal as it is the largest event on the Australian BMX calendar with just over 1300 race nominations.

Mrs Carter said, that after months of training and preparations, attending this event was quite daunting – but also very exciting – for many of the NT competitors.

“A national championship event like this one gives our riders the opportunity to challenge themselves and reach new personal goals.

“Equally important are the life skills the riders get from their training, goal-setting, budgeting and travelling to new places. The perseverance and dedication these riders have shown is a credit to their clubs and parents,” she said.

BMX riding is classified as an extreme sport but the NT competitors were lucky enough to largely escape without too many serious injuries.

“Poppy Goat injured her elbow, Taj Sartori broke an arm and Jacob Mery was hurt in a crash early in the week, but we came home largely unscathed,” Kylee said.

Nhulunbuy BMX Club President, Paul Mery said he was proud of the team’s efforts at the event.

“We didn’t land a medal place at the event but what the kids (and parents) experienced in Bunbury was more than worth all of the time, cost and planning it took to get there,” he said.

The team’s next big event will be the NT Titles to be held in Nhulunbuy (October 3-6) on the club’s new track and facilities generously provided by a grant from the Northern Territory and Australian Governments.  Information on this event is available at


BREAK out box:

The NT athletes that made it into the main final of their class (listed from the most successful at the top):

  • Mickayla Perkins 15 year Girls. 2nd Oceania 20″ bikes, 1st Nationals 24″ bikes, 5th Nationals 20″ bikes.
  • Ian Orr 13 year Boys 2nd Oceania 20″ bikes. 3rd National 20″ bikes.
  • Caitlin Jong 13 year Girls 1st Oceania 20″ bikes.3rd National 24″ bikes,  2nd Nationals 20″ bikes.
  • Yasmin Ford 13 years Girls 2nd Oceania 20″ bikes.3rd Oceania 24″ bikes,  6th Nationals 24″ bikes, 7th Nationals 20″ bikes.
  • Catherine Carter 13 years Girls 7th Oceania 20″ bikes, 3rd Oceania 24″bikes, 7th Nationals 24″bikes.
  • Jason Eecen 50+ years Men 4th Oceania 20″ bikes, 3rd Oceania 24″ bikes, 6th Nationals 24″ bikes.
  • Kyla Sartori 10 year Girls 8th Oceania 20″, 5th Nationals 24″ bikes.
  • Maddison Walker 8 year Girls 5th Oceania 20″ bikes.
  • Isabel Spooner 13 year Girls 4thOceania 24″.
  • Taj Sartori 9 year Boys 8th Oceania  20″ bikes.
  • Hayden Russell 15 year Boys 6th Oceania 24″ bikes.


Story by Kylie Abood Images Courtesy BMX Australia

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