Yirrkala Bilingual School

A wonderful look into Yirrkala School’s strong and unflinching bilingual education program. The school is looking for new staff in 2017 and sends this message:

Yirrkala School is a proud Bilingual Two-way community-based school. If you are interested in working in remote indigenous bilingual education, please contact Stuart Bramston and Merrki Ganambarr at

Aboriginal languages in NSW to be protected by legislation, Minister says

The New South Wales Government has announced plans to legislate to protect and revitalise Aboriginal languages.

Aboriginal Affairs Minister Leslie Williams said Indigenous languages were a “unique and valuable part of our heritage” and legislation could benefit the community.

“We know that the Aboriginal Protection Board removed Aboriginal children from their families for speaking Aboriginal language,” she said.

“Consequently, mothers could not pass on their language to their children, fathers could not teach their children language and grandparents could not talk to their grandchildren in language.

“If legislation can so effectively take away Aboriginal language, so too it can restore and revive Aboriginal language.