Hearty Hogmanay Haggis & Baked Bean Pizza


Traditional /Italian fare with a baked bean twist.

Chop half a small onion and fry gently in a little .

Next, break up a generous slice of pre-cooked from Rob’s in Dandenong, mix with the onion and combine with a small tin of before plastering the mixture evenly over your  home-made pizza base. Call me a snob but you can’t go wrong with Heinz Baked Beanz.

Cover with an equal mix of grated cheddar and , then finished off with a good pinch of mixed/.

Cook in the oven as you would any less exotic and Robert’s your uncle!

Slice, serve and wash down with your favourite Scotch.

There is a fun bonus if you wait until after the kids have finished before listing the ingredients in haggis…..


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