New Pontoon Open


The Regional Club is pleased to advise that the new pontoon and walkway is now open for use.

We acknowledge the support for the project from the Traditional Owners, Corporation, Government, and . The Club would also thank local businesses, Club members and the many volunteers who have contributed to the project and continue to maintain these public facilities.

The pontoon has several unique design and operational functions and commissioning and tests will be carried out over the next few weeks to determine floating angle, height above water and stability. The pontoon is a first we believe as it is designed to be sunk when storm conditions are expected and re-floated once conditions allow.

Those that use this pontoon will notice that there are no bollards or tie points on the pontoon for vessels. The pontoon is a drop off /pick up structure in its present state and vessel owners are advised to use fenders. If future is made available, a pile will be driven on the north side of the pontoon to allow additional wave action and vessel weight dispersal. Please do not secure vessels to this structure and do not leave vessels unattended. It has taken 6 years of canvassing funds, planning, engineering and a lot of very hard work to get this pontoon to where it is today.

If you see anyone not respecting this installation please have a word to them, take a photo and report it ASAP.


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