Nhulunbuy Primary School students to compete in National Robotics Competition

Students from are making the journey south to this week to compete in the National Championships to be held at Melbourne Park over Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

The students will build, program and run their own robots and will learn, collaborate and compete with students from all around Australia.

This school’s participation in this National event is worthy of acknowledgment (sic) and support and RCJA is looking forward to seeing them at Melbourne Park this weekend.

Press Release.

The Robotic Revolution is Here!

It has been predicted since the early 1900’s, written about in Science Fiction books and we have seen robots performing amazing feats in movies for decades. Well, the robotic revolution is finally here. We now take for granted that Robots are now everywhere in our houses, on our roads and in every factory. Just about every machine you touch, comes with a microcontroller.

The RoboCup Junior Australia National Championships are to be held from Friday October 5th to Sunday October 7th ,2018 at the Melbourne Park Function Centre is further proof that the Robotic Revolution has made it to all our schools. With growing emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) based learning in schools, RoboCup Junior events are increasingly being incorporated into school’s curriculum to meet this need.

RoboCup Junior has been running now for 18 years and continues to grow. This year, the RoboCup Junior National Championships will have over 600 students in 244 teams from 83 schools across Australia, South Korea and China competing in Robot , Rescue and Onstage. (www.robocupjunior.org.au )

This RoboCup Junior phenomenon was started by school teachers in Melbourne in 2000 and has grown rapidly both nationally and internationally. This acknowledges RoboCup Junior’s position as a leader and exemplar of STEM based educational activities for primary and secondary school children. Participants in 2018’s National Championships may qualify for the 2019 Global Championships to be held in Sydney. There will also be an opportunity for Standard League (LEGO) Soccer teams to qualify for the in Hungary next year.

It never ceases to astound the uninitiated that students just push the “on” button and sit back and watch their robots perform or compete. The robots all operate autonomously, without any human intervention whatsoever. This is the culmination of months of planning building and programming. Students not only learn how to build robots, but also need to work as a team making the most of the different skills available within the team. There are programmers, engineers, managers, dress designers, team PR and fundraising and even choreographers for the dancing robots.

Mr Brian Thomas, co-founder of RCJA said, “A highlight of the tournament will be the Open League Soccer teams. Apart from their speed and accuracy to kick a goal from anywhere on the field, they been have built from the highest cutting edge technology available. These teams have built their robots from ground up, using 3D printers. Students submit their plans to the printer and in a matter of minutes their robot parts just seem to grow on the printer surface. Breakdowns are not a problem, as all they have to do is print another part for the next game”. These robots are also venturing in to the use of video cameras to find the ball and “see” the goals. Until only recently, this technology was found in universities only.

The structure of RoboCup Junior allows students to enter the competition from the total novice stage and to progress through the leagues and aim for different levels of complexity each year. Those new to RoboCup Junior are supported by an extensive curriculum and regular training sessions run by dedicated members of the local and state committees.

Victorian State Chair of RCJA, Mr Evan Bailey said, “We are looking forward to welcoming students this weekend from all corners of Australia and overseas to Melbourne Park for three great days of learning, collaboration and fun with their robots”.

For more info see; www.robocupjunior.org.au https://www.facebook.com/robocupjunioraustralia/

Contact: Evan Bailey Email: evan@baileyfinance.com.au Mobile 0467675869

Contact: Brian Thomas Email: b.thomas@ccg.vic.edu.au Mobile: 040812557


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