Question Time: Ramingining Link Road & Central Arnhem Highway



Last year’s budget allocated $16m over two years to lift and seal the road between and the Central Arnhem Highway. Has this money been used or is it accounted for in your budget announced yesterday?

Will your government’s budget include upgrades to the Central Arnhem Highway?


Madam Speaker, I understand that we do have some with regards to the Ramingining Road but I have not been able to find the location my the papers. I will get you an answer.

With regards to the Central Arnhem Highway we do not have any specific money beyond the maintenance where we have allocated $0.5m. We also have work happening there at moment. Graders are there at the moment. The Central Arnhem Highway will also feature in the 10-year infrastructure plan. It is a road that I have mentioned in meetings with federal counterparts. I have heard from your and others about the importance of the Central Arnhem Highway. We have a very extensive road network, a lot of which is unsealed.

I will get back to you member for with information on that particular road and access to Ramingining. The Central Arnhem Highway will feature in the ten-year infrastructure plan. We want to see more of it sealed over time to make it more accessible, particularly in and out of your electorate. We know that if you have a family the cost of coming in to for a while you have very limited options. Getting on the plane for some families is not affordable.

Getting on the road is one way they can get back into town. It is a very important road servicing the region. I will get you more details with regards to the Ramingining question as soon as possible today. You have raised the Central Arnhem Highway with me, it is on the radar, you will see it in the ten-year infrastructure plan. There is much more work to do there, like many of the roads in the Territory. n that.


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