Sea Swift & EARC Team Up for Recycling Initiative


has joined forces with East Arnhem Regional Council to help reduce landfill waste and increase recycling in the Northern Territory’s remote island communities.

The Northern shipping company will be sponsoring the Council over the next 12 months by transporting recycling materials from the East communities back to for processing at no cost to Council.

The initiative aims to reduce the combined 215,641m² area of all landfills in East Arnhem communities, and help the Council reach their target of 25 per cent waste recycled by 2020 and 50 per cent by 2025.

Sea Swift Chief Executive Officer Fred White said Sea Swift’s philosophy has always been to support every community where it operates.

“We have always understood the importance of supporting local communities, because we realise that a company like Sea Swift isn’t just a passive passer-by,” he said.

“The communities where we operate rely on the services we provide, and giving back is a core value of our company.

“We fully support the Council’s aim to minimise landfill expansion and the negative environmental impacts to their communities, making them more sustainable into the future.”

Sea Swift will help transport recyclable waste to Darwin for processing from communities including Gove, , Bickerton, Umbakumba, Island, Lake Evella, and .

The following items will be recycled:

  • Cans and bottles
  • E-waste (old electronics including TVs and computers)
  • Hard mixed plastics (wheelie bins, pipes etc.)
  • Plastic shrink wrap
  • Batteries (automotive and domestic)
  • Aluminium, brass, and copper wire
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Waste engine oil.

All recycling will be strapped down on pallets, with Council estimating up to four pallets from each community per month.

East Arnhem Regional Council Chief Executive Officer John Japp said Sea Swift’s sponsorship would greatly help the Council and its 8,500 residents to be a more sustainable region.

“There are nine communities located across the East Arnhem region, and five of these communities are island based which adds to the remoteness and logistical issues in proving council services to the communities,” said Mr Japp.

“The support from Sea Swift will assist Council in achieving the actions set out in our Waste Management Strategy by reducing the ecological footprint of our nine communities.

“Council is focused on improving environmental management of our landfill operations and creating a more sustainable future for this generation and for generations to come.

“The sponsorship reduces the financial burden of transporting recycling back to Darwin and frees up Council funds that would otherwise be spent in the resources recovery process.

“It also allows Council to use the saving on other important programs that support the wellbeing of the East Arnhem communities.

“Sea Swift’s support and sponsorship is helping the East Arnhem Regional Council recycle the past to preserve our communities’ future.”

Sea Swift also sponsors several other recycling initiatives in the Northern Territory as part of its overall community support and engagement program.

Sea Swift has depots in Darwin and Gove, as well as in Far North Queensland, and continues to expand its provision of services into the Northern Territory.

Sea Swift is one of the largest employers in Northern Australia with more than 400 staff and 30 vessels, and makes a significant contribution to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across the region.

If you have a freight enquiry and would like to speak to Sea Swift, contact its Darwin office on (08) 8935 2400 or email

For more information on Sea Swift, visit


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