Sounds of Silence II

Schuman Resonance

by Majik

The sounds we don’t hear, in the common context, that may affect us and life on this planet have a large and varied audience and promote a large following of new age websites and youtube videos. One of these is the Schuman Resonance,, which it is touted has the capacity to entrain with certain mind vibrations and effect conscious states such as meditation and sleep patterns.

It is generated by lightning strikes that create a standing field between the earth and the ionosphere. It is important to note when one discusses Schumann at 7.83 Hz, one must be cognizant that Schumann Resonance encompasses an entire range of frequencies from .01 to well over 100 Hz. When awake, the human brain usually resonates at anywhere between 6-20 hertz per second; Theta brainwaves resonate between 4-7Hz and are little understood by mainstream science, Alpha between 8-12Hz occur during relaxation and Beta, above 12Hz, occur during problem-solving.  It is the higher amplitude in the frequency scale below 15 Hz that keep our brain-waves entrained to low stress-free states where adequately sound sleep during the night is possible.

Tampering with resonance fields can be either extremely harmful or extremely beneficial to the human race. Electrophysicist Professor Konstantin Meyl in collaboration with the Cancer Research Centre at the University of Heidelberg has already used resonant electrodynamic fields to alter the malignancy of cancer cells.

As soon as a higher amplitude frequency is introduced, the biological organism will attempt to entrain (tune) itself to this ‘louder’ signal. It is called FFR or the Brain’s Frequency Following Response and this is an important concept to keep in mind when reviewing the information below.

Traditionally Schumann Resonance was known to include peaks at 7.83, 14.1, 20.3 and higher.

In a now famous experiment, a professor R Wever of the Max Planck Institute placed some students underground and deprived them of all magnetic fields. This was maintained for a period of four weeks during which the student’s circadian rhythms diverged and that the suffered emotional stress and migraine headaches. These symptoms disappeared when the subjects were briefly exposed to 7.8Hz. Astronauts to complained of these symptoms begging the question has installed generators to compensate for the lack of the Schumann Resonance in spacecraft? At the moment there is no firm evidence either way.

It is also interesting that the Ancient Chinese teachings tell us of two environmental signals that we need, one from above, Yang, and one from below, Yin. These might well be the Schumann Wave and the weaker waves emitting from the earth, perfect comes from balancing these.

The dance of balance is then the Art like Tai Chi in the Chinese Tradition, however, each culture does have its own methods. The modern world then is by the amount of different frequencies generated interfering with the balance of all living creatures making it more difficult to entrain with our natural environmental frequencies.

Scientific research has recently determined how the human body receives and uses the important information from the Earth’s field. Apparently, we have 7 billion crystalline magnetite’s in the human brain. Additionally, the DNA and the pineal gland are meant to receive guiding information from the band of electromagnetic frequencies that extends from the Earth’s crust to the ionosphere (Schumann Resonances). In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies cutting out and replacing single genes. Only 10% of our DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this subset of DNA that is of interest to western researchers and is being examined and categorized. The other 90% are considered “junk DNA.”

Remembering that we evolved as did all life on this planet vibrating with the same pulse of life that generated from the planet and the solar system and that we generate a similar function, an entrainment with the place in the cosmos we call home. Modern technology, in frequency generation, appears to be threatening this relationship in many ways as far as our health is concerned. Many researchers are now saying that an increase in violence, certain including a greater number of psychopathically inclined people as well as the increases in general illnesses are a product of our environment which is no longer is in tune with the resonances of life.

These articles on sound, I hope, have opened a new understanding of healing and broadened the meaning of medicine, as well as pollution and damage to our environment. In the next, I plan to introduce healing from sound and mention some ways that it is being used to our detriment as a society.



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