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Op Shop Christmas Update

As the year is coming to an end I would like to thank those who have visited the lil ole op shop they know who they are its EACH AND EVERY ONE of you that makes me smile the little chit chats the children, mums and dads and I would not normally make reference as far as people are people but the Indigenous clans that come to the op shop YOU are all part of that little place, the funny little ways you shop when you aaaall come in and fossick around GATHERING for family has taught me a little about you and how you work.

Now I have had soooo much Stuff dropped off the last week and even though it has kept me on my toes I wouldn’t have it any other way so I MUST MUST MUST say a very grateful thanks to each and every person that drops in things you have Nooooooo idea how very grateful I am, some of you I can thank personally and when I came face to face you may not think its a big deal but it is.

My object working at the op shop is to be somebody that people can relate to , I have been a single parent for many years and it was very hard at times they were all dressed via myself popping into an op shop and buying clothes and various other items, most times nobody would have known except for me spreading my happiness at the bargains I got from the op shop.

I also know how hard life can be and have climbed some very hard obstacles to be the person I am today so if I can offer a lending ear or make some bodies day better by making them smile then that.s what it.s all about.

Aaaaaany way I would like to take this chance to spread love, happiness and good will even if things are not going great at the moment for you or something sad has happened I wish everybody the strength to go on and regain happiness the sadness is a part of us that we endure you can not escape it but you put people in yr lives that help you rebuild your happy self 🙂

MERRY CHRISTMAS to the community of NHULUNBUY and hope that the new year is as kind to you all as it can be.

Over n Out from your friendly Op Shop Lady Angie

MAF Launch New Schedule

We are very excited to announce we are launching air Regular Public Transport (RPT) between East Arnhem Land Communities next Tue 22nd Nov. We will be expanding and streamlining services in due course and will keep you updated of those.

Contact us to book a seat at a fraction of charter cost.

Tel: 89872777

Email: maf.arnhemland@maf.org

Of course we are still offering our high standard charter services and can offer seamless connections and bookings between our RPT and charter aircraft to other communities and homeland. Payment can be received at the same time for both.

Many thanks for your partnership and patience with us as we worked through the extensive process to get to this point.

We look forward to flying you soon.

Feel free to provide feedback to help us improve our service to you.

Benefits of flying with MAF:

  • Not-for-profit organisation serving Arnhem Land for over 40 years
  • Safety 1st culture with proven safety record
  • Competitive pricing
  • Modern, well maintained aircraft capable of carrying up to 7 passengers/350-470kg
  • New aircraft capable of carrying 10 passengers/850kg
  • RPT shuttle services between East Arnhem communities due to commence VERY SOON
  • Seamless transfers on our charter planes to connect to homelands/communites not covered by RPT
  • Flexible load configurations
  • Authorised to carry Dangerous goods
  • Professional highly trained pilots
  • Air conditioned Gove terminal

Prickly Pear in Nhulunbuy

prickly-pearPrickly Pear, Opuntia stricta var dillenii, is a Class A weed in the NT (must be eradicated)…for good reason. It has a hard seed carried in the sweet fleshy fruit, which bird love and will pass through their gut unchanged, ready to germinate. Each fruit and flat branchlet has projections called areoles, housing spines and from which new plants can develop if left in contact with the soil. It is highly drought resistant and if bushfire or stock destroy the top of the plant, it will regenerate from bulb. Yes…think Terminator!

prickly-pearIt seems that the ugly face of Prickly Pear has reached our lovely part of the world. Dhimurru has just been made aware of 2 large plants in town and will remove them asap…but it is absolutely vital that any other plants in town are identified and removed in a clinical and careful manner.

If you have this plant in your yard or in a pot plant do not compost it, bury it or throw it in the bin.

Please call Luke Playford at Dhimurru on 0499037753 to discuss how to deal with it.