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Scullion draws anger over legal funding

Australia’s Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion has been criticised by Aboriginal groups for giving nearly half a million dollars to non-indigenous lobby groups for legal funding.

Northern Land Council chairman Joe Morrison says it is a “poor look” that public money meant for Aboriginal people was being used by third parties opposed to land claims.

The NT Seafood Council, NT Amateur Fishermen’s Association and NT Cattlemen’s Association shared in $465,000 earlier this year to pay lawyers to help them demonstrate how outstanding Aboriginal land claims would cause them detriment…..

Indigenous advancement funding redirected to cattlemen and fishing groups

Nigel Scullion gave almost half a million dollars to groups to argue how they might be negatively impacted by land rights claims.

Indigenous affairs minister Nigel Scullion has given almost half a million dollars’ worth of funds earmarked for alleviating Indigenous disadvantage to fishing and cattlemen’s groups in the Northern Territory. The grants will go towards legal fees for the groups to argue how they might be negatively impacted by land rights claims, he told a Senate estimates hearing last week.


The Turnbull Government will provide new funding to boost services in the Northern Territory, having reached agreement with the Northern Territory Government on future funding for remote indigenous housing, public hospitals, and housing and homelessness. To help the Northern Territory Government deliver essential services, including to remote communities, the Turnbull Government will provide financial assistance of $259.6 million.

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