Working towards Local Decision Making for the Yolngu

30 May 2019

The Territory Labor Government and Regional Leaders of today signed an agreement to work towards more local decision making.

The joined the Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation, ARDS Aboriginal Corporation, Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Corporation, Miwatj Health, the Australian Government and the in signing the Region Local Decision Making Partnership.

The commitment marks a new and better way of working together to properly recognise and support local decision making, service delivery and empowerment in the Yolngu region.

All signatories have committed to community engagement, co-design, and collaborative decision making with the aim of helping Yolgnu communities realise their social and economic development aspirations.

Quotes from the Chief Minister, Michael Gunner

“This partnership marks a new way of working together to properly recognise and support local decision making in the Yolngu region.

“It acknowledges that for over 50,000 years the Yolngu people of East Arnhem Land have successfully maintained their language, customs, land and sea, song lines and laws and these systems still exist today.

“The partnership signed today will simplify local and regional governance and ensure decisions for Yolngu people are locally led.

“Local decisions are the best decisions.”

Media contact: Cameron Angus 0404 021 192.

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